About AE Development
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A&E International Development brings over 40 years of combined international experience to the GTA real estate market. Our primary focus is to develop townhome communities of unmatched design and craftsmanship excellence. We choose our partners carefully, only working with experienced and highly reputable project managers and construction teams, and spare no expense in collaborating with the industry’s top architects to create landmark designs.

Our luxury townhome communities are surprisingly affordable, and ideally located in safe family-friendly neighbourhoods near schools, parks, hospitals, amenities and all the other necessities and luxuries modern families crave. Forever looking at the big picture, we only consider building on land that has development potential compatible with the surrounding community.


Absolute quality is the bar we always set for ourselves and we continuously strive to raise that bar higher. We honestly believe that the quality of our townhomes is unparalleled, and something our industry peers also see in every A&E home. We exclusively use quality materials, and work with the GTA’s top construction professionals.

Every home is part of a community. We value the power of community deeply, and bend over backwards to maintain harmony in the communities we are honoured to serve. To make every effort to ensure our townhomes fit in seamlessly with the local community fabric, we listen carefully and act on local community concerns, and build with respect for all regarding issues such as privacy.

Integrity is another value built into everything we do. We always stand by our work and stay true to every promise.


The founders of A&E came to Toronto 20 years ago as first-generation immigrants. They quickly embraced the unique energy, creative spirit and cultural mosaic that forms the backbone of Toronto and can’t imagine a better place to live and grow anywhere else in the world. It is the founders’ wish that future generations will see the same promise and opportunity of this great city, and are honoured to play a role in creating a lasting legacy for all.